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Marine Diamondbrite

£30.00 Retail Price (inc VAT)

50% Contra Cash

£Contra 15.00 + £Cash 15.00

Marine Diamondbrite Protective Glaze Sealant Aplication Service-Prevent damage from rusting, cracking, flaking ,oxiditing

Marine Diamondbrite Protective Glaze Sealant has been developed in Scandinavia to cope with extremes of temperature and exposure and unlike most other
bodywork protections is not water based. In frost the protective finish will not freeze and crack and in heat it will not dry and flake.This product has been used most successfully for over two years now by
Rolls Royce Motors who have expressed their delight with its results.One application of Marine Diamondbrite Protective Glaze produces a deep brilliant long lasting shine. It's resilient finish is airtight, waterproof and shrink-proof sealant with an invisible diamond hard elastic skin which
will preserve a vessel's paint work and will protect the bodywork against dust,
pollution and climatic exposure.
Priced per square meter.it may be good idea to give us a call first. www.carvaletbrentford.co.uk

(free postage/postage not applicable)

The seller would like to be paid as follows: 50% £Contra - 50% £Cash.

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