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Modern Trade & Barter

Monday, 4th August 2008

Ancient Barter was man’s first form of commerce and consisted of the one to one direct exchange of goods and services. Advances in technology have greatly expanded and enhanced the scope of Barter far beyond this limited one to one model.

Last year Barter Companies using the “Modern Trade 
and Barter” process, made it possible for over 400,000 
companies World Wide to utilise their Excess Business Capacity and Underperforming assets, to earn an estimated 
$10 Billion dollars in previously lost and wasted revenues. 

In terms of income, Excess Business Capacity represents the difference between actual cash revenues received, and the cash 
revenues and profits that would be realised, if a business operated at 100% of its capacity. In reality most businesses are operating at less than 100% of their potential business capacity. 

Barter Companies can help your business realise lost revenues and make additional profits by making use of your 
Excess Business Capacity and Underperforming Assets. 

Businesses that choose to participate in Modern trade and 
Barter will become part of the fast growing community benefiting from increased revenues. 
As a client of EBB when you sell your goods and services to other clients in the system and you will earn ContraCash, which is 
deposited into your account. Then you have the ability to 
purchase goods and services from other member client’s by utilising your ContraCash within your account. 

Businesses that utilise Modern Trade and 
(or local) currency organisations, LETS (Local Exchange 
Trading Systems) and many other forms of alternative 
monetary systems are playing a vital role in helping local and regional economies.

EBB works, isn’t it time its worked for you!

Bartering activities of Fortune 500 companies

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