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Why businesses should barter

Thursday, 20th September 2007

We explain in more detail the meaning of barter and show how most companies already do...

Most people misunderstand the word “barter” as an interpretation of discounting or bartering down the price. When the true meaning as listed in the English dictionary is “to trade goods or services without the exchange of money.”

Many of you may know this as a more common expression as “contra”, or the exchanging of invoices. For example a printer, prints menus for a restaurant and receives a credit for restaurant meals. Or a national newspaper offers a car as a competition prize and pays the car dealer with advertising space.

Any business can benefit from this system and EBB has made it accessible to any size of business, whether you are a sole trader or a multinational, EBB can work for you.

Unlike conventional contra deals you don't even have to take “products” from the client you sell to. With EBB you can take ‘contracash’, which can be redeemed at all EBB members. EBB uses “contracash” just like eBay customers use ‘paypal’.

This is a way of using unsold inventory or underused capacity to buy the goods and services your business needs. 15% of global annual sales are transacted on a non cash basis and 76% of the Fortune 500 companies now use barter as a way of increasing their business

Can you afford to be left behind?

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