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World’s Richest Man Files Patent For Possible Barter System

Friday, 21st September 2007

Barter is booming on a global scale, with operations now opening in China and India the possibilities are enormous, so it was no surprise when Bob Meyer came across a recent extract showing even Bill Gates wants a slice of the action!

See the article below:

August 8th, 2007 • by Bob Meyer
Bill Slawski of SEO By The Sea uncovered this patent information…

Microsoft has filed patents to cover click fraud as well as what could be the ground work for a barter system between publishers and advertisers.

So what we’re looking at is a new system that would encompass: Search, Buy, Receive Valuable Points, and Provide Feedback to Rank Advertisements…

Could consumer feedback from people clicking through search engine advertisements be used to help rank the ads, and the services and goods offered by advertisers?

Such a system might provide rebate points to advertisers, to supply to purchasers, who could turn in those points in exchange for goods and services after exchanging feedback on the transactions. The feedback could then be used in rankings of future advertisements.

A series of patent applications from Microsoft explore this approach. It’s an interesting system, and Bill Gates is listed as an inventor on one of the documents, below. (The descriptions in the documents are all substantially similar.)

Employing Customer Points to Confirm Transaction
Invented by Kamal Jain and William H. Gates, III
Assigned to Microsoft
US Patent Application 20070179848
Published August 2, 2007
Filed: May 23, 2006


The claimed subject matter can provide a mechanism that facilitates a new advertising and/or referral architecture in the Internet advertising space, e.g., for advertising on search engine web pages and/or on content web pages. A mechanism is provided to confirm transactions even without monitoring them e.g., by issuing perishable, non-redeemable points to a merchant based upon an advertising budget. The points can then be issued as redeemable points to a customer, e.g., based upon the customer makes a purchase from the merchant. Points transferred to the customer can verify that a transaction occurred, and can be redeemed for products/services, including a convenient “micro-payment” mechanism.

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