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What is ContraCash?

ContraCash is a virtual currency we use as an accounting unit to record the value of a transaction. Each ContraCash unit equals 1 sterling for the purpose of calculating the Full Barter Purchase Price. So 100 ContraCash = 100

Barter Companies around the World will use various names for there currency such as barter pounds, barter dollars, trade euros, trade dollars, contra dollar are based upon the value of each countries currency so £100 worth of sales is always valued at £100.

Barterbank also uses ContraCash Vouchers which can be used by any Barterbank member. This is normally used by businesses were there is no fixed price, for example a restaurant were the value of the sale can vary dependant upon the choice of menu. In this situation Barterbank can create Contracash Vouchers for a fixed amount which can then be redeemed against the purchase.

This can be a cost effective way of implementing barter within your retail outlets without any special training requirements for the staff.

Our Voucher system also increases the potential customer base as these can be used for staff incentives, sales incentives etc.

For further information please email Barterbank.

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